Attractions of the Area

Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA **** is a place that was created for people who are looking to escape from a noisy reality.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA


In historical borders of a manor complex is a space with splendid inspiring atmosphere enchancing efective leisure, regaining vitality as well as physical and mental balance.

The exclusive nature of this retreat is also manifested in the fact that on the 10 acre facility features individual was planned so as not to interfere with each other, giving guests the opportunity to be among the other only when they want it.

In addition to the wide range of spa treatments and the possibilities offered by Wellness Zone also have available:


  • The historic park in the English style
    await you here more than 2 km of walking paths among the ancient trees, with reportedly the largest in Podkarpacie plane tree at the helm. Park is inhabited by many species of birds that can not only hear but with a little patience also see - perhaps for the first time in my life.

  • Manorial ponds
    Mogą w nich Państwo łowić ryby jednak pod warunkiem powrotu zdobyczy do wody. O tym jakie mieszkają w nich stuki wiedza ci z naszych Gości, którzy letnia porą wybrali odpoczynek w cieniu lip na jednej z okalających stawy ławeczek i widzieli jak leniwie płyną pod powierzchnią.

  • Manorial orchards and vegetable garden
    In our orchards growing old varieties of apple, pear and plum cherries, and gooseberries, currants, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, strawberries and grapes. From spring to autumn, you can come here and straight from the tree or bush regale the gifts of nature.

  • Library
    You will find there the proposals from various fields. There are both positions of the canon of Polish literature and poetry, non-fiction, fiction, action and detective stories, women's literature and items aimed at promoting the development and self-improvement.

  • Equipment for table tennis,

  • Pool table,

  • Playing field for beach volleyball and badminton.