Manorial Boutique

Manor Boutique is a gallery of unusual and beautiful artistic products created on the region of Podkarpackie. Selected because of their aesthetic qualities can be both a souvenir, which you will take with you traveling from this area of Poland, or can be also an unique gift.
In our boutique collection you will find:

  1. Wines from Carpathian Wine salon
  2. Olives
  3. Delicatessen from around the world
  4. ChocoWine - chocolate inspired by wine
  5. Polish Flavors - chocolate inspired by polish taste
  6. Glass Art from Sabina Glasswork
  7. Handmade utility glass of Krosno Glasswork
  8. Paintings and sculptures made by artists from Podkarpacie
  9. Artistic jewelry
  10. Cosmetics