Babor around the world


Leave everyday life behind and take a trip around the world with wellness BABOR SPA AROUND THE WORLD.

The combination of ancient rituals of indigenous people around the world with the latest scientific developments BABOR resulted in the creation of sophisticated care, to bring theharmony to the body and mind.

The exotic atmosphere of beneficial massages combine with delicate aromas, inviting you on a fascinating journey through the world of the senses.


Name Description
Shadiva of India Ritual
170 min./550 PLN

Shadiva of India Ritual
110 min/390 PLN
Shadiva of India Abhyanga
(45 min/210 PLN)
Shadiva of India Garshan
(40 min/160 PLN)
Shadiva of India Welcome Touch (20 min/50 PLN)

Shadiva of India Mukabhyanga
45 min/150 PLN

Unity of body and mind is the shortest description of Ajurweda – the art of living. This thought is the motto of a journey to India with Babor Company. The signature body and head massage of Babor Company - Shadiva of India Abhyanga – with the use of precious essential oils bring back the feeling of relaxation and harmony. The energetic Garshan massage accompanied with a salt scrub improves blood circulation, aids toxin removal and prepares the skin for the precious and unique elements of seeds and leaves of Neem (called "the heavenly gift" in India). The essential oils of the root of ginger lily spread around a sensual and exotic aroma being our companion in the journey to India.


Body care treatment is completed with Mukabhyanga – a facial massage stimulating energy points. The massage is carried out using Shadiva scented candle warm wax. The skin becomes relaxed and elastic. The treatment relaxes the mind, soothes the nervous system and provides the whole body with balance and harmony.

... "Everyone swims the river of life towards the ocean of eternity.  On our way we encounter waterfalls and whirlpools which pull us deeper and deeper into the forest of material existence.  If we can find our own way to the main stream of the river, we will calmly follow the path to the ocean of eternal joy..."

Khanya of Africa Ritual
120min/600 PLN

KHANYA ENERGY BALANCE treatment from Babor Company is a voyage to the cradle of human kind – Africa, a continent of fascinating nature, myriad species of fauna and flora, full of scents and colours, with fascinating culture, rituals and customs. The word Khanya in the language of Xhosa tribe means "releasing of light". The moon in Africa symbolizes strength and a new beginning. Like the moon that shines more intensively from the new moon to full moon, our skin will shine after this treatment.

Babor Khanya Energy Balance
(body care)
(70 min/310 PLN)

BABOR KHANYA ENERGY BALANCE stimulates the vital energy to a new life, enhances its flow and brings harmony. Famous for its healing properties oil from Marula tree seeds and the full of antioxidants essence of African species of Rose of Jericho make the cosmetics used in the procedure help the rebuilding of skin, intensively hydrate and neutralize free radicals. Wooden African rattles, pink quartz and calcite used during this massage allow the body to regain harmony and reinforce the bond with "Mother Nature".

Babor Khanya Energy Balance (facial care)
50 min/310 PLN

The body care treatment is completed with a facial treatment: KHANYA AFRICA ENERGY BALANCE. It activates and reinforces facial skin, brings back cellular balance. After cleansing the skin with cosmetic milk and scrub the face is then massaged with a revitalizing cream. Next stage is the ceremony of putting on a mask. At this stage we paint a West-African symbol of vitality and strength on the face. Head massage and a final facial massage using a revitalizing fluid completes the procedure. After this the skin regains energy and a gleaming look.

Khanya of Africa Body Peeling
50 min./150 PLN

ScenTao Ritual
105 min./310 PLN



(body care)
70 min/200 PLN



Fragrant Orient ShiTao
(facial care)
40 min/150 PLN

ScenTao ritual is a journey to distant lands one may take with Babor Company. The scents of ScenTao are composed of several notes: fruity pearl head note – refreshing bergamot, lemon, orange, apricot and apple blossom. The floral and green heart note inspires with the scents of white lily, cardamom, freesia and green tea. The feeling of warmth and wellbeing is enhanced with the notes of musk, nutmeg and sandalwood.

Designed with the help of Asian experts Shi Tao massage with warm, aromatic mixture of oils (macadamia nut, sweet almond, sunflower seed and rice bran) and warm rocks along the meridians of the body will bring unusual relaxation. "Shiatsu therapy" improves blood circulation and intensifies this feeling. ScenTao ritual gently brings the vital energy to balance. The active elements of green tea, ginseng and ginkgo our skin regains vitality and a fresh look.

The ritual is completed with a Scen Tao facial procedure. Face massage – "Shiatsu Therapy" – stimulates energy points, and active elements of the facial care cosmetics used, allow your face to shine with energy again.

ScenTao of Asia Body Peeling
50 min./150 PLN

Beleza do brasil
(facial & body care)
120 min/410 PLN

Beleza do brasil
(body care)
80 min/250 PLN

Beleza do brasil
(facial care)
45 min/180 PLN