Babor Men

Luxury skin treatment for men.

Name Description
Babor Men Energy Release Face
60 min./260 PLN 
Calming and revitalizing treatment for your face. Treatment begins with a relaxing neck massage. Special scrub combined with a massage deeply cleanses refreshes and smoothes. Bioactive concentrate Taurec with Siberian ginseng, taurine and hops relaxes the skin, soothes aftershave irritations. Microalgae, wheat proteins and panthenol help the regeneration process and refresh the skin. Eye care cools, intensively moisturizes, and reduces minor wrinkles and swelling. Scalp Massage Babor Men facial massage conducted on a collage sweet brings deep relaxation and a flow of New energy. Anti-age head massage effectively revitalizes the skin and improver the head root oxygen supply. Face and neck are revitalized and intensively moisturized after the treatment.

Babor Men Moist z Firming Algae Mask
90 min./240 PLN


Babor Men Time out Face
60 min./180 PLN
Relaxing facial treatment begins with a neck massage. Enzymatic scrub combined with a massage deeply cleanses and smoothes the skin. Scalp Massage Babor Men (point massage) relaxes, and head massage with Stop Hair Loss Fluid concentrate revitalizes the skin. The final Energizing Age Preventing treatment smoothes wrinkles and intensively moisturizes.

Babor Men Businessman Treatment
90 min./220 PLN

Babor Men Moist
60 min./200 PLN
Revitalizing and moisturizing facial treatment. Orange scrub removes the callous epidermis; a calming fluid soothes aftershave irritation. Eye care treatment fills minor wrinkles, reduces shadows, intensively moisturizes, regenerates and revitalizes. Yoghurt mask neutralizes free radicals, gently lighten and smoothen the skin while the final procedure reinforces natural protection and neutralizes the symptoms of passing time. The skin becomes fresh, soft, and silky smooth.
Babor Men Energy Release Back
40 min./cena 140 PLN
Relaxing and revitalizing treatment for male back. Eifel Fango Tundra Scrub Mask firms, cleanses and regenerates the skin providing minerals and vital substances. Body Scrub Cream gently exfoliates the callous epidermis, brings back balance, while a back massage relaxes and soothes.
Babor Men Time Out Back
40 min./cena 140 PLN
Relaxing back treatment for men. Neck massage with a bullhorn plate gently relaxes. Facial scrub combined with a brush massage thoroughly cleanses refreshes, and smoothes the skin. Fango based back scrub firms, cleanses and provides the skin with vital substances. Warm oil back massage calms and relaxes.