Firming Treatments

Duration does not include the time required for makeup cleanse.

Name Description
3D Lifting Treatment + Ultra Comfort Modelage Mask
(90 min/400 PLN)
Blue Lagune
(90 min/340 PLN)
Refreshing and intensively nourishing treatment. Plankton extract instantly resupplies the skin with moisture. The skin becomes firm and flexible.
3D Lifting Treatment
(90 min/260 PLN)
Firming mature skin treatment. Glaucin, lilac essence, tropical almonds, tannin acid, organic silicon, aloe vera and hyaluronan improve the shape of the face and reduce „second chin effect", reinforce the cells and reduce the wrinkles.
Moroccan Gold
(90 min/260 PLN)
Firming and flexibility improving treatment. Reinforces collagen fibre network and intensively nourishes. Effleurage technique massage using cosmetics containing argan oil, shea butter and Arganyl, makes the skin soft, smooth, well moisturized and with a reinforced protective barrier.
Balancing Cashmere Wood
(30 min/120 PLN)