Moisturizing Treatments

Duration does not include the time required for makeup cleanse

Name Description
Crash Kur
(45 min/240 PLN)
Strongly moisturizes, aids in keeping moisture in the skin and removing toxins. Improves blood flow and rebuilds balance in hydro management of the skin prevented excessive drying.
Vita Balance z Deep Moist Complex
(70-90 min/240 PLN)
Exclusive care for dry skin. Two Hyaluronans of varied particle size have a deep and long lasting moisturizing effect.
Moist Intense Treatment
(70 min/220 PLN)
Treatment that moisturizes and reinforces the natural defensive barrier of the skin. Treatment for All skin types. Innovative pomegranate extract helps building micro channels transporting moisture deep into the skin. Organic Hyaluronan, aloe vera extract and panthenol intensively moisturize and soothe the skin and protect it from irritation.
Vita Balance Lipid Plus
(60 min/220 PLN)
Treatment for very dry and dehydrated skin. The content of natural oils bring back the lipid balance of skin and stabilizes the hydro-lipid layer of skin.
Revitalizing Oxygen Treatment
(60 min/200 PLN)
A dose of pure, concentrated oxygen, edelweiss extract, macadamia nut and jojoba oils, vitamin E and panthenol reach deep into the skin with a special oxygen carrier. There, slowly released from a ceramide coating the ingredients provide the skin with energy, soothe and counter inflammation, soften and smoothen the skin, and reinforce its natural protection. The treatment is recommended for tired skin needing intensive revitalization. 
Fluids FP Effect Treatment
(50 min/200PLN)