Complementary treatments


Name Description Price
Facial manual cleansing Basic  140 PLN
Facial manual cleansing Enhanced  200 PLN
Facial manual cleansing Enhanced with algae mask  250 PLN
Eyebrows Adjusting    20 PLN
Henna for Lashes  30 PLN
Henna on Eyebrows  30 PLN
The overall package adjustment + henna  60 PLN
Wax depilation Moustache/Beard 50 PLN
Wax depilation Forearms/Bikini 80 PLN
Wax depilation Armpits 70 PLN
Wax depilation Whole legs 150 PLN
Wax depilation Thighs/Calves 80 PLN
Wax depilation Back 160 PLN

Hand treatments

Having beautiful hands always makes you feel attractive and unique. This is why they deserve to be pampered. Delicate skin, healthy, shapely nails should be your pride. You do not use your hands only for work; they help you to communicate, to show someone your feelings: love, fondness, dislike or lack of trust.

Name Description
Manicure SPA
(app. 90 min./ price 100 PLN)
Exclusive hand care treatment combined with a traditional manicure.
Manicure Basic
(app. 60 min./price 50 PLN)
Traditional manicure combined with hand care treatment.
Manicure Japoński P.Shine
(app.60 min./price 80 PLN)
Japanese Manicure strengthens natural nails giving them a gloss pink pearl.
Trwały Manicure Axxiûm Soak-off Gel Lacquer
(app.60 min./price 100 PLN)
Best-selling solution for lasting manicure and nail polish in the form of a gel.


Treatments for feet

Only few realize that in our life we circle the Earth three or four times on our feet. This is why the regular care for them is not only a question of aesthetics, but also health. Feet are full of receptors, sensitive points connected to all the body organs. With a simple massage, blood circulation in these points may be improved as well as the vital elements transportation and removal of toxins. Proper care for feet will preserve their good health and aesthetic look.

Name  Description
Pedicure SPA
(app. 90-120 min./ price 150 PLN)
Traditional pedicure combined with an exclusive ritual with elements of massage.
Pedicure Basic
(app. 90 min./price 100 PLN)
Traditional pedicure combined with foot care treatment.

Pedicure Trwały Axxiûm Soak-off Gel Lacquer
(app.120 min./price 160 PLN)