Indian massages (Ajurweda)

Ajurweda – the art of living – is knowledge about healthy living, originating from ancient India. Ajurweda is based on a presumption that in everything that exists there is energy. This energy is called pranah in Sanskrit Everyone has three types of pranah; Vata, Pitta and Kaph in an individual and unique combination. Losing the balance between these energies is the cause of our illnesses. The aim of the procedures is to bring back the harmonious flow of energy, providing physical vitality, emotional and spiritual balance. Oils are contained in Ajurweda which react with nerves in the skin removing toxins and calming it down. What is more, the massages activate the immune system, aid the internal organs and slow the skin ageing processes down.

Name Description
(with four hands 45 min/ 280 PLN
with two hands
60 min/280 PLN)
This is a whole body toning up massage using warm oil. It is highly recommended for overweight people, those leading an active life and those in need of regeneration. The result of the massage is eliminating toxins from the body, relaxation and strong influence on muscles and other tissues.
(with four hands: 45 min/260 PLN
with two hands: 60 min/260 PLN)
Name of this massage in Sanskrit means "loving hands". This is a whole body massage. It is performed using warm oil in order to balance the energies. Abhajanga is a deeply calming and rejuvenating massage which helps to regain mental and energetic balance. The moves of the masseuse are gentle, stroking and deeply relaxing.
(35 min/cena 150 PLN)
This ritual, peeling-massage has been performed in India for the Bride before wedding. In the past it was believed that this massage cleans the Bride's thoughts from all uncertainties. The procedure soothes the nervous system, strengthens blood circulation and attracts positive energy. After this massage the skin is silky and smooth with a healthy gloss. It also brings peace of mind.
(35 min/cena 120 PLN)
Mukabhyanga is a facial massage performed with warm coconut oil. This massage relaxes the facial muscles, stimulates microcirculation, improves blood flow. Prevents wrinkles, slows the aging process. Adds skin radiance, freshness and vitality.