Thai massages

Thai massages have many centuries of tradition (according to some sources 2500 years). Their contemporary form has been moulded by Indian and Chinese influences as a collage of Hatha Yoga, reflexology, acupressure and meditation. Owing to that unusual combination, the massage holistically improves physical, spiritual and intellectual condition.

Name Description
(60 min/cena 240PLN)
This massage is a form of passive yoga. WAT-PO is a mixture of acupressure, stretching and pressure. During the procedure a masseuse uses the whole hand, elbows and feet. By performing deep presses on Sen points (meridians) the masseuse releases the energy, allowing its correct flow. This massage helps to relax and stretch the muscles, tones internal organs, helps to keep the back straight, gives more flexibility to joints, deeply cleanses the body and brings full relaxation. The massage is performed in a dry environment, in comfortable robes on Tatami mats on the floor. By bringing energetic balance, the massage heals and improves the condition of the whole body. The massage is based on strong and deep presses so it is recommended for those who prefer strong techniques.
(60 min/cena 190 PLN)
The massage with basalt stones is an ancient massage technique. It originates from the Far East. Some sources claim that also the Mayas were using this technique. Massage with stones is deeply relaxing and enables us to get rid of the stress accumulated within us. It gives our body harmony, balance and peace. It invigorates sensory receptors, helps to fight "orange peel" effect, removes joint and muscle The warmth of the stones used for this massage penetrates the body to heal deeper tissues.
(45 min/170PLN)
This massage is performed using a variety of bamboo sticks and warm oil. Vibrating movement combined with gentle pressing and squeezing works perfectly for modelling, relaxing and draining the body. The massage has a quick and long lasting effect on circulation improvement, stress reduction and muscle flexibility enhancement. It results in fast and effective vitality regeneration.
(35 min/120PLN)
Feet are the reflexology map of the whole body. Through an acupressure massage, with a wooden stick, all internal organs are stimulated. The areas being massaged in this procedure are feet soles toes, ankles and calves. This massage gives an absolute feeling of internal comfort and relaxation. Performed in the morning,, gives energy and invigorates, whereas, done in the evening, it relaxes and helps falling asleep. It is said to provide wonderful dreams.

(20 min/80 PLN)

This massage quickly and effectively calms down, relaxes, and relieves nervous and spiritual stress. It helps in removing persistent head and neck aches. The head massage also improves the blood circulation and as a result is beneficial for hair bulbs.