India Rituals

The bright and colourful India is one of the oldest cultures in the world. A country full of mysteries, contrasts and secrets. Historical sites from different periods, dance and music are the highlights of this unique place. The abundance of refined healing and beauty techniques certifies the richness and diversity of the Indian subcontinent. Let the Indian rituals open the world of exotic beauty.

Name Descriptions
(100 min./price 350 PLN)
The ritual begins with a floral bathing of feet, an introduction to a colourful voyage for beauty. A slimming tea will be a great warming and preparatory factor for the intensive Wiszesz massage. Precious oils used in this massage have been enriched with extracts, harmonising with our vital energy (pranah). This massage reinforces the immune system, removes stress and fatigue, improves the quality of sleep and very effectively models the body. Next stage is SWEDANA, the Ajurwedan steam sauna. Cleansing and relaxing the body, along with a special head massage brings peace, relaxation and renewal.
(90 - 110 min./price 330 PLN)
Drinking a serving of renewing tea and a feet bath starts the ritual inspired by lotus, the holy flower of India. UDWARTANA, the traditional peeling massage will brighten up and revitalize the skin. Facial massage ABHJANGA will bring gentle pleasure and deep relaxation. The skin will become soft and silky owing this to micro elements and vitamins. Activation of metabolism in the cells aids rejuvenation and regeneration. Next step of the ritual is SWEDANA, the Ajurwedan steam sauna. Cleansing and relaxing the body, along with a special head massage brings peace, relaxation and renewal.
(180 min./price 320 PLN)
Goa is a place where relaxation and leisure are as natural as breathing.  Let us travel to this most beautiful region of India with heavenly beaches and splendid waters.  The ritual begins with bathing of feet resembling submerging them in crystalline waters of the Pacific all accompanied with a glass of a relaxing brew.  This introduction prepares the body for the unusual experience of ABHJANGA massage being the gateway to Arurweda.  The name ABHJANGA, taken from Sanskrit means "loving hands".  It is a synchronised full body massage performed using a precious oriental oil.  According to Ajurweda philosophy ABHJANGA is a deeply calming and rejuvenating massage.  It is conducted with soft, stroking movements that relax and alleviates muscle stress.  It allows the body to remain beautiful and retain a spiritual and energetic balance.  The skin becomes velvet smooth and one is surrounded with warmth and superb aromas.  To finish the massage a gentle herbal brew is drank to magnify the feelings of relaxation and calmness.  This is followed by SWWEDANA – the steam sauna of Ajurweda – which cleanses the body and removes stress.  A farewell herbal tea will aid the feelings of relaxation.