Japan Rituals

Name Descriptions
(150 min./price 320 PLN)
Your body after this ritual will be rejuvenated and relaxed. The ritual starts with an oriental foot bath and a serving of rejuvenating tea. A deep relaxation is certain after a fairy tale foam massage. The foam enfolds the body, softly washing and revitalising. A subsequent Far East aromatic bath in an Ofuro barrel further adds to the relaxation. After that a calming tea ritual follows. To finish the session, a shiatsu massage takes place to relax the muscles, balance the flow of energy and return the internal balance. The last note of the ritual is a serving of a vitalising brew.
(120 min./price 310 PLN)
Inspired by martial arts of the Far East, this ritual strongly tones up muscles, improves the look and condition of skin. It shows great slenderising and renewing performance. We recommend a series of 5 to 10 rituals.

The ritual starts with a welcoming floral foot bath and a serving of a special brew of tea. After the initial relaxation we move on to a subtle rice peeling which has cleansing, soothing and brightening properties. Next step in this ritual is an aromatic bath in an Ofuro barrel. Appropriately adjusted temperature of the bath brings warmth, peace and relaxation. The final part of the ritual is a bamboo whisk Samurai massage. Owing to the resonance effect this massage activates the muscles, enhances the reduction of fat tissue in the system and destroys cellulite. It also aids micro circulation, metabolism and skin condition. The skin after this massage becomes simply beautiful. The last note of the ritual is a serving of special brew strengthening the effects of renewal.

(110 min./price 290 PLN)
Subtle as the sounds of a bamboo flute, this calming ritual helps to stop, relax and take a look within oneself. Fast pace of life distorts the internal balance, weakens the vitality and disturbs the vital processes. This ritual helps to regain strength and get the internal balance back.
The ritual starts with a welcoming floral foot bath and a serving of a special, relaxing tea. A rice peeling that follows help to rest our senses, calms down the body and its ingredients to give the skin a healthy and beautiful shine Then, a Japanese aromatic bath brings relaxation and soothes. A following herbal brew ceremony enhances the effects of the bath. Next step of the ritual is Amma, the oldest known therapeutic massage. It helps to find ones inner self. The ritual magnifies strength, boosts ones firmness and vitality.