Thailand Rituals

Name Descriptions
(180 min./price 380 PLN)
This ritual is inspired by the rich philosophy of the Orient that has a general aim of reaching the ultimate state of internal peace and balance – Nirvana. Absolute peace and freedom from suffering are the general explanations of the term. It means to "just live" and enjoy life like a flower that prevails without limiting its freedom with goals. This is Nirvana. Let us take you closer to it.
The session begins with a ritual bathing of feet. Gentle and soothing, with flower petals and relaxing aromas. The effect will be complimented with relaxing tea. Next stage is a warming and relaxing massage with warm basalt stones. The feeling of serenity will be amplified by a relaxing mask or compress and the warmth of a SPA capsule. A cup of calming tea prepares ideally for a Burmese head massage which further calms down, relaxes and soothes the mind. It kalso relieves stress and removes head and neck aches. The final stage is a Thai foot massage which, by stimulatin g the internal organs, brings balance and harmony to the whole body system and gives a feeling of deep internal comfort. At the end of our journey to the land of peace we have a serving of fine calming tea.
(150 min./price 330 PLN)
This beauty session is based on an ancient tradition of the Angkor kingdom. The tropical climate and unusual culture have formed these specific nursing techniques. Contemporary technology and knowledge have further enriched them. The rejuvenation starts with a traditional foot bath. Flowers and herbal oils will aid in relaxation and tea served at the ceremony will provide energy. Afterwards comes time for a special rejuvenating mask and relaxation in a warm SPA capsule. The session in the capsule is finished with a rejuvenating and refreshing brew. The heat and natural elements will improve the skin condition and get you ready for the WAT-PO massage. This massage combines gentle, flowing moves with single point massage, reflexology and a form of passive yoga. The intensive action of the massage will increase the level of vital energy, reduce the stress and bring internal harmony and balance. A cup of oriental tea served at the end of the session will be an ally of beauty and rejuvenation.
(120 min./price 290 PLN)
A colourful, highly stimulating ritual that, thanks to its variety, allows a fast improvement of body fitness, metabolism, and what is more, models and slenders the body. The ritual starts with a colourful foot bath during which the gentle touch of water and therapist;s hands soothes and removes fatigue. This is followed by a serving of Thai slimming tea which prepares the organism for full renewal. Next stage is mineral peeling – heatgs and strengthens the skin also removing callous epidermis. The "Bath of Beauty" will feed the necessary elements to your body. Fragrances and aromas will enchant and transport you to the land of oriental magic. Thanks to the heat and numerous stimuli the blood circulation will improve, the muscle tension will be lowered and metabolism will be regulated. After the bath comes time for modelling bamboo stick massage which has the effect of slimming, draining and increasing muscle flexibility. At the end we serve a few sips of a slimming brew.