Medi SPA – dental care

We combine dental treatments with physical and mental rejuvenation.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - Medi SPABecause of the location in an ecologically pristine and culturally rich area of Carpathian borderlands, the stylish and luxury Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA****  is a unique tourist offer in itself  for visitors who during their stay here would like, in a complex way,  to solve their dental problems (treatments offered include cosmetic dental care, traditional dental procedures and prosthetic dentistry) or get professional body and face medical spa treatments and also to indulge in the wealth of benefits of oriental manual therapy massages.

In cooperation with a renowned Dental Clinic we are preparing individual Medi Spa packages for our guests which include the proper diagnosis, preparing schedules of treatments and applying dental procedures in a widely understood modern dentistry during our guests’ stay at the hotel.

Clinic’s leading specialty is prosthetics, implant dentistry, and cosmetic dental care. Owing to modern techniques and with the use of wide variety of superb medications and dental materials, the Clinic can boast of highly effective results of treatments to the patients’ great satisfaction.

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