Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a combination of traditional techniques of fast walking cross-country skiing, enriched by using suitably designed poles.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPADynamic, full of momentum walking with poles can improve the condition and develop specific muscle groups - to exercise the whole body.

Training includes not only  the lower limbs but also the shoulder girdle, arms, chest muscles and spine - research shows that the active involvement of about 90% of the body muscles.

Burning calories is about 20% more intense than during running, and the load on the joints and the spine is reduced.

As a result, we gain vitality, slim figure and health. Simplicity, ease and safety of Nordic walking makes it accessible to people of all ages. Nordic Walking is a sport that can be grown in any climate, on any terrain, on all surfaces, and most importantly - by the whole year and by everybody!

Price list Nordic Walking classes:
1 person - 60 PLN / per person / per 60 min.
Group 2 persons - 40 PLN / per person / per 60 min.
Group 3 persons - 30 PLN / per person / per 60 min.
Group from 4 to 10 persons - 25 PLN / per person / per 60 min.

Maximum number of participants in one group - 10 people.