Wine and Chocolate

Wine has accompanied our civilization since ancient times. As part of intellectual deliberations and social conversations, it has become a very important element of building social relations in our culture, indispensable when having a family dinner, celebrating an important event, enjoying a meeting with friends or being in the throes of passionate love. A bottle of fine wine is also thought to be an elegant gift.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - Wino i czekolada
A good white or red wine is increasingly popular, for the sake of their properties. Wine, especially red contains antioxidants, which fight free radicals that cause aging of cells. Regularly consumed in small amounts, it is also an excellent way to fight heart disease.

Wine, like chocolate is a fascinating material, which we have interested in for years We would like to share with you both our knowledge and infect our fascination. Therefore, in this place you can find a variety of propositions connected of wine and chocolate that we prepare for you.

... a paths in the world of wines never end, and each subsequent sip is exploring new areas and a source of exciting experiences ...

We invite you to visit the Carpathian Wine Salon

the only in Poland tasting cellar, where during 60 or 90 minutes you can try so many wines from different wine regions within the area of the Carpathians!!!

We invite you to taste unique chocolate: ChocoWine and Polish Flavors -

the only in Poland, handmade, natural chocolate inspired by wines and flavor of Polish cakes and herbs.