Carpathian Wine Salon

With the establishment of the Carpathian Wine Salon on the culinary and enological map of Poland, there appeared a new, interesting must-see destination.

Salon Win Karpackich

The Salon is located in an 18th century cellar in the closed enclave of Kombornia Manor estate and houses a representative collection of wines from different wine regions of the Carpathian borderland located in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland.

For a certain kind of wine to be presented at the Salon, it has to come from regions located in the Carpathian borderland and be recognized in the region or country of its origin. As a result, all guests visiting the Salon can set off for an incredible enological journey by tasting interesting wines representative of the region, including Polish wines from the Carpathian borderland.

Visitors to the Salon can taste, at their own discretion, for 60 or 90 minutes all wines available for degustation.

This is the only place in Poland

where you can taste wine under the temporary degustation formula and at the same time the only place where you can taste such a large variety of wines from the Carpathian Mountains.

In the Salon we also arrange commented and themed wine tastings, workshops, training sessions and a wide range of other wine events.

To view the current collection of wines, please visit

 website of Carpathian Wine Salon