Chocolate creation workshop

Enjoy a Chocolate Making Workshop - an adventure through which you will know the secrets of sweet creations resulting from this interesting material.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - ChocoWine

At the beginning of the workshop the participants, to follow a step by step process of creating, learn a brief history of chocolate from the cocoa bean to the tablet. Tasting chocolate and pralines, which took place on this occasion positively integrates the participants of the Workshop.

Then the participants are watching a show which illustrating a manual process of chocolate creation from a step of "tempering capricious lady", by pouring pralines, up to the making a chocolate bars and decorating them.

In the second part of the program, each participant can try to be at the role Chocolate Master and proceed to tempering chocolate and the personal creation of pralines, truffles and bars.

Possibility to take the works executed by the workshop participants, makes that the memory of impressions from the meeting, will remain for much longer than the sweet taste of chocolate in the mouth.

Feel free to enjoy our workshop!!!